Our Net

We meet on the 1st Wednesday in September through the last Wednesday in June, at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern, 10pm Atlantic, (02:00 UTC) in Wires-X room 40678 which is bridged to the FCS003-19 reflector for the duration of the net.

You can find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/net.c4fm

Meet The Team

Our Net Manager is Jack (VE7GDE)

Our Net Control Stations are: Ted (VE7LE), Denis (VE3BF), Jack (VE7GDE), Lawrence (VA3IQ), Hal (VE1LV), Mike (VE7AM), Bert (VE9PIN)

Auxiliary access is provided by Don (VE3IGN) who bridges our net to the FCS003-19 Reflector